How to avoid fetishising or demonising UBI?

The most disturbing aspect of public debates about unconditional basic income (UBI) is that, instead of rationally comparing pros and cons of an idea, the fetishism/demonism of an instrument takes place. Two examples: ‘without UBI, we are slaves to the labour market’ – we often hear this slogan, which – […]

The Frankfurt manifesto

The debate about the basic income (BI) has shifted during the past two years. Silicon valley entrepreneurs and managers now welcome the idea of a BI. Equally some German employers and scientists from the Information Technology sector support the concept. One main argument for the BI is the loss of […]

Ulrich Schachtschneider in Social Europe: Basic Income – Tonic Catalyser

Is basic income a poison for people’s will to work – or is it much more a catalyser to transform work into something people will be much more likely to want? UBIE board member Ulrich Schachtschneider’s reaction to Anke Hassel’s criticism. In her article ‘Unconditional Basic Income is a Dead […]

1st May: “Work is so much more than a job”

On the First of May – traditionally the festival of Spring, new life, and hope – We  join the world celebrating International Workers Day, established originally to mark working people’s fight to win back control over their own time. With pressure mounting on traditional paid work through neoliberal policies and […]