UBI4ALL podcast #CheckOutBasicIncome

Here is the #Check out basic income podcast. At UBI4ALL we are committed to promoting the topic of basic income. And what better way of doing that, than to discuss the topic with those who work on the topic, argue in favour of it or just like to see it come true?! That’s why we set out to interview activists, politicians and academics who for years have been working on basic income. Interested in knowing more about it? Every month or so we release a new episode. Feel free to subscribe. And if you want to know more about our organisation, visit our website @ ubi4all.eu.


In this first episode we had the pleasure to interview Rebecka Le Moine , a member of the Swedish parliament, through her affiliation with the green party. She is one of the front runners in the political support for basic income in Sweden. In the podcast we discuss the possibilities of basic income for Europe, and for Sweden, and why it has not been widely discussed or endorsed in Sweden. Biographical note: Rebecka Le Moine is a member of the green party and spokesperson for Biodiversity. With a Master’s degree in conservation biology and a background as a biology consultant, her biggest concern is to find political solutions to tackle the mass extinction of our fellow species. Therefore, she is working to change our basic values and find new solutions for today’s problems. One solution she believes in in order to stop the exploitation of both human and nature, is basic income.

You can find the postcast on spotify https://open.spotify.com/show/7zCKJyb4H3xZkYI5t8SrDu