UBI4ALL goes global

As of now the UBI4ALL initiative is no longer bound to European borders. The organization
expanded worldwide.







For a long time there was the plan to open UBI4ALL.EU to people worldwide. Hence our
name  In 2020, we first started as a means to support the European Citizens Initiative for
Unconditional Basic Income in its 27 member states . The combined Dutch-German team
had some difficulties to start up from The Netherlands due to the undesirable urge from the
Dutch banks to frame it as a terrorist organization or money white wash operation. So the
start was delayed and the German team provided the necessary banking facilities. At the end
of 2022, we expanded to all other countries in Europe.

In May 2021 the first year of a €9600 European Basic Income was raffled out and went to
France where Lucie was our first winner. In September 2021 Thomas from Ireland was the
second winner. Balasz from Hungary was the third happy winner.
Each Raffle went out when enough money was collected, and soon the 5 th UBI will be raffled

And now – after a lot of work – we can proudly announce that all people worldwide (16
years and older) can register to participate in our UBI raffles. By the way: For the sake of
simplicity, we are leaving it at 800 euros as the monthly Basic Income amount. And please
understand that while our website may not currently support all languages of the world,
registration is open to individuals from all countries. And the translations that are already on
our website will be improved little by little, so please bear with us.

The new URL is now www.UBI4ALL.ORG