UBI-talk on your Walk – world wide zoom event

We would like to invite and hope to see all UBI Advocates, together with their friends and networks, at the

‘UBI-Talk on our Walk’

a Zoom based (due pandemic) Basic Income March, facilitated by ‘Worldwide Meetings of UBI Advocates and UBI Networks’, organized by UBI Networks,

on 19th of September 2020, Saturday, at GMT 12:00, or at GMT 14:30, or at GMT 19:00,

as a participation in the 2nd Basic Income March (an initiative by; Income Movement), during the 13th International Basic Income Week.


Please take a shoe of yours with you for the screen shots in groups. All the screen shots (photos) will be used for promotion of the UBI idea. During the events, as time permits, limited number of participants may also give their short messages regarding UBI.
Please, kindly participate in one of the below (at the end of this message) listed Zoom Meetings.

If you are not able to attend to the Zoom meetings, then send a picture of your shoes on the social media with hashtag  #basicincomeshoes on the 19th of september.
if you are or are not marching for basic income

See details on https://basicincomeweek.org/ubi/talk-on-your-walk-basic-income-march-for-home/