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General Assembley #UBIE2022 May 20-23

The General Assembley 2022 wil be held in Prague, Czech Republic. You can join the live events on ZOOM, Friday from 5:30 pm CEST: Saturday from 9:30 am CEST: Sunday from 10:00 am CEST: You can also see the live broadcast and recordings on Facebook The recordings wil be put on […]

Swiss activists have started a second federal people’s initiative for Unconditional Basic Income.

The Swiss filmmaker Rebecca Panian is one of the basic income activisst who has started a second  federal people’s initiative for unconditional basic income in Switserland.The committee launched this 2nd basic income initiative in Switzerland on September 21, 2021. Federal citizens’ initiative Living with dignity – For a financially viable […]

Europe is acting now for Basic Income!

Citizens’ initiative on UBI aims to strengthen EU unity Many European countries are debating the idea of a basic income, and a citizens’ initiative has now called on the European Commission to present a proposal for unconditional basic income throughout the bloc. The idea is to reduce regional differences, while strengthening economic and social cohesion across […]