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How to avoid fetishising or demonising UBI?

The most disturbing aspect of public debates about unconditional basic income (UBI) is that, instead of rationally comparing pros and cons of an idea, the fetishism/demonism of an instrument takes place. Two examples: ‘without UBI, we are slaves to the labour market’ – we often hear this slogan, which – […]

Interviews and lectures from the Maastricht 2016 conference on Basicincome

Some interviews and lectures can be seen on the website for the conference in Maastricht. Opening of the Congress by André Willems (Seniorenpartij) – Maastricht 2016, Sjir Hoeijmakers on theStatus quo of the experiments in the Netherlands, Guy Standing on What role for a modest participation income? ,Interview Prof. Luc Soete from Maastricht […]