UBIE Strategy 2015-2020

StrategyUBIE Strategy 2015-2020

The following vision for 2020 has been adopted by consensus at the General Assembly in Maribor 21-22 March 2015:

“Have UBI in at least one European Country and an EU-wide step towards an emancipatory UBI”

Additional resolutions are adopted by consensus as part of the strategy for 2020.

  • Any step towards UBI should improve the situation of the poorest and the majority
  • The EU needs to be more democratic
  • UBI-Europe is aware, that the crisis management of the EU and their austerity policy is a severe obstacle for UBI. So we are part of the struggles to overcome them.
  • UBI should improve current social welfare systems and complement public services
  • UBI should reduce inequalities

For 2015, the following goals and objectives were agreed:

  • Goal 1: Levy support in the EU Institutions and stakeholders and facilitate cooperation between them
    • Get 100+ MEPs officially supporting UBI from 22 countries and 4 political groups
    • Get official support from at least 5 EU-wide NGOs including Youth, Trade Union, Human Rights, Environment, Democracy
    • Get the Social Affairs Commissioner and Juncker to express her opinion about UBI
  • Goal 2: Make ​UBI a hot topic of the mainstream world
    • Get basic income reported on 50 major media outlets
    • Get 30 personalities to sponsor us publicly
    • Get 10% of the European population to know about basic income (opinion survey)
  • Goal 3: Asserting the feasibility of and arguments for UBI and make it a credible & attractive alternative for Europe
    • Develop 10 detailed scenarios for EU wide steps toward Emancipatory UBI
    • Elaborate concrete proposals for EU pilot projects:
    • Collect and combine detailed models for UBI at national level
  • Goal 4: Activate & grow UBI-Europe and make it appealing, fun and friendly!
    • Make our diversity within the movement as a visible strength
    • Pull out our identity and make it recognisable
    • 1,000 individual members + 50 organisation members
    • Accurately report in English all major news about UBI in Europe
    • Get 300,000 likes on facebook
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