A European universal basic income

Proposals of a Universal Basic Income (UBI) have proliferated enormously during the first decades of the 21st century, especially with the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic at the beginning of 2020. One of the reasons is the balance of the various allocations and subsidies currently supported by governments to deal […]

UBI4ALL goes global

As of now the UBI4ALL initiative is no longer bound to European borders. The organization expanded worldwide.             For a long time there was the plan to open UBI4ALL.EU to people worldwide. Hence our name  In 2020, we first started as a means to support the […]

UBI4ALL podcast #CheckOutBasicIncome

Here is the #Check out basic income podcast. At UBI4ALL we are committed to promoting the topic of basic income. And what better way of doing that, than to discuss the topic with those who work on the topic, argue in favour of it or just like to see it […]

basicincome.news stays online in an other form

Because paper.li will stop generating pages on entered search terms as of April 20, it has become inevitable to look for another way to keep https://basicincome.news alive. There are now a number of searches for basicincome.news pages created in a different way. It is no longer 1 same page a […]