will be discontinued, so the Daily Basic Income News Paper wil end

Daily Basic Income News Paper wil end as of April 20, 2023

For may years we did fully use the possibilities of the news generator. But all good things come to an end. The team which supports wil end the system.
The Basic Income News Paper was started by me in 2013 when i took a subscription to the genarator to make the Daily Basic Income Paper.

Karl WIderquist was composing a BINEWS newsletter before 2013 and was collection links and articles for this emailed newsletter.  When i came in contact with him on a General Assembley of the BIEN, i pointed him to the possiblity of the generator. In 2014 we combined both our resorces to feed the  In 2018 i registerd the domain and renamed the paper to The Daily Basic Income News Paper.

Now i have to find another way to combine the resorces and compose  a look-a-like

Robin Ketelaars