Ulrich Schachtschneider in Social Europe: Basic Income – Tonic Catalyser

Is basic income a poison for people’s will to work – or is it much more a catalyser to transform work into something people will be much more likely to want? UBIE board member Ulrich Schachtschneider’s reaction to Anke Hassel’s criticism.

In her article ‘Unconditional Basic Income is a Dead End’ for the online magazin Social Europe, Acamic Director of the Hans Böckler Foundation’s Institute of Economic and Social Research (WSI) Anke Hassel rejects basic income as a ‘sweet poison’ to individual development and social integration, claiming that it would remove people’s motivation to join the labour market.

Responding to her, Ulrich Schachtschneider, board member of Unconditional Basic Income Europe,
argues for basic income as a ‘tonic catalyser’ for more ‘authentic’ work within labour market. A ‘Eurodividend’ of €200 a month, paid to every European citizen would be both a first step to this great transformation and a very necessary contribution to a more social Europe.

Read the full article here: Ulrich Schachtschneider: Basic Income – Tonic Catalyser