Open Call for the conference Unconditional Basic Income and Degrowth


ubi-degrowthOn 19 and 20 May 2016 there will a conference on Unconditional Basic Income and Degrowth in Hamburg,

The aim of the conference is a dialog between the movements for degrowth and basic income. Both should become aware of the relevance of the other topic. Interfaces, common challenges and possibilities to cooperate should get generated. Ideally a network that supports both topics and increases their relevance on a European level is established and sustained on a long term.

Social justice is part of the claims for a degrowth society. A basic income is one possibility to establish social justice decoupled from gainful employment. At the same time this decoupling is a pre-condition to loosen the enforcement of growth on an individual level and to establish favourable conditions in society for socio-ecological transforation. A basic income therefore is a pathway to a degrowth society. However, a basic income not necessarily starts the ecological transformation that is urgently needed. Consequently, this basic challenge of the 21st century needs to be the compulsory maxim when designing a basic income and accompanying measures. The conference will be filled by the multifaceted intersections concerning social security, democracy, alternative/solidarity economy and sovereignty of time as well as by your contributions.

The prep committee of the conference will accept proposals for the following two lots.

  • Lot 1: Exploring values and opportunities
  • Lot 2: Developing links and projects

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