Swiss activists have started a second federal people’s initiative for Unconditional Basic Income.

The Swiss filmmaker Rebecca Panian is one of the basic income activisst who has started a second  federal people’s initiative for unconditional basic income in Switserland.
The committee launched this 2nd basic income initiative in Switzerland on September 21, 2021.

Federal citizens’ initiative
Living with dignity – For a financially viable unconditional basic income

You can find information here:

In order to be able to submit a popular initiative, 100,000 valid signatures are required. Because some signatures are always invalid, we need to collect 120,000 signatures.

We have until February 2023 to collect enough vallid signatures.

The first citizens’ initiative was in held in 2012 an go 23,1% “ja” and  76,9% “nein”. But the world is more ready now for Unconditional Basic Income!

The basic income is as utopian as, for example, the AHV and women’s suffrage once were. (In Switzerland, as is well known, especially the latter!)

Arriving in the 21st century, the idea of ​​an unconditional basic income is nothing more than securing and further developing existing social systems, our democracy and our prosperity.

Who should pay?
Those who are currently making little contribution to financing social security: the financial sector and tech companies.

The introduction of a basic income is simply a long-overdue tax reform that automatically counteracts the enormous wealth inequality.

In times of climate crisis, automation, wealth inequality, Corona and the coming crises and unrest, it is time that we rethink “radically” – away from the myth “meritocracy and eternal growth brings the good life” towards a “livelihood security as Human right», so that everyone can contribute to society in the best possible way and ensure that our homeland and our achievements are preserved.

We are currently in the process of collecting the necessary signatures so that there can be a second vote. And that we as a country – and beyond! – seriously discuss again, in which world we want to live!